Information about Video Near Me


A group of videographers walk into a meeting room… they decide to get together to find out the best way to solve the top 3 problems camera people face:

  1. How to get more gigs?

  2. How to spend more time creating, less time doing admin?

  3. How to get paid on time, every time?

We thought that we would need to rent an office, a studio, have an assistant and all that sounded so old fashioned that we started brainstorming.

Surprisingly, we found pretty much the same answers as the balance of our last 12 months of video making had proven: Clients want their video quickly, they want to make sure you are experienced and they want a price now. So we came up with a strategy.

Let's say that  a Chef is looking to make a video for their restaurant, they probably won't hire Andrew whose strong skills are in fashion and vlogging. Andrew would be fully booked during the London, Paris, NY and Milan fashion weeks, the East China Fair, The Bronner Bros Beauty Show but maybe the kitchen is not his place to film and that’s fine. Alex, on the other hand, would love to shoot those slow-motion fire pan takes instead.

‘Establish your niche’ was the top tip during the meeting. Keep it defined, you want to be known as a specialist in “fashion video promos” rather than just "the video guy". That’s the key to landing the next gig. We won't necessarily be competing with each other since we have different specialities, fees and locations.

Now, since we all have a place within the photo-video making industry, why not share a single place where we all can feature our work. Make it easier for clients to find you rather than the other way around. We film, take photos and edit whilst the site brings us more gigs.

That's how VideoNear.Me was born. A place where we welcome all videographers to showcase their skills and get bookings while we are out and about with our camera doing what we love.

The system will charge the client in advance and the payment is released when the job is delivered. So you don't need to chase payments in between takes.  VideoNearMe won’t charge you a subscription fee or ask you to buy tokens to apply for a job. 

Get on board, and enjoy your shoot!

The VideoNear.Me crew.