I am Susan Caripa, Family Photographer based in London with experience around the world.

I started with the photography in 2008 and I had no idea how it would change my life! I was a Sociologist but that became secondary, I dropped everything to pursue my passion.

However, my career was not completely forgotten as there is an inevitable and special mix between Sociology and Photography in my life which manifests itself in the way I observe the world around me and how I capture it.

3 years ago I decided to leave Spain and move to London to gain new experiences both personally and professionally. I wanted to expand my perspective on life. Today you can see me going through the streets of London on my scooter enjoying its infinite and extraordinary beauty, full of expressiveness with a lovely range of shades and colors.

Why do I work with families? Because I love the children, their vitality, joy, and enthusiasm in everything they do I find contagious. They can brighten and light up my darkest days. I feel very fortunate to work with them every day.

My style is creative and natural. I like to capture the spontaneity of each moment. I can accept some pose but I prefer when children are natural in front of the camera and they forget that they are being photographed.

I will endeavor to record the most special moments for you and your family.

Please contact me with any further questions, I will be happy to discuss.

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