Information about Video Near Me


About VideoNearMe

Video Near Me is a collective of camera professionals based in London. We showcase our skills and publish our rates based in our experience and equipment we offer.

Our community is growing everyday so it's very likely that you will find someone that fits your projectVideoNearMe offers a full range of camera people: from iPhone video makers all the way to professional cinema hipster fellas. 

Our commitment during Covid 19

Every creator has a pinned location at VideoNearMe. Our camera people are encouraged to avoid using public transport, so nowadays location is a key feature for our collective. There are VideoNearMe ambassadors all around the city based on their postcode. 

How does it work?

Once you find your video guy, both parties can discuss details using our chat platform. Remember to keep all communications through the site for this is the only reference VideoNearMe would take into consideration in case of any issues.

Bookings are made online. Your booking payment is taken in full in advance, however, VideoNearMe won't release payment to the creator until the work is completed. This allows us to offer refunds if the service is not delivered as agreed .

We hope you find the person who can meet your video requirements. 

The VideoNear.Me crew