Doodle ''I want to be'' Photo Session

Keep forever the magic of those times when they play, explore and discover the world that surrounds them with original and funny portraits.

This type of Photoshoot should be a little more prepared, it is not a standard process. Also, the edition is of a higher level. Normally, the context is about a profession that the child enjoys or that the parents wish for the future of the child.

You can choose your session with a natural themed background in your home or you can choose a white background to add context in the later edition. With my camera and lighting equipment I will create the right environment with the best results.


• An initial meeting (1-2 hours) where all the details of the photo session will be organized, we will create a story (a set of images in sequence to be able to see the photo shoot). I will also give personal advice to prepare both physically (attire, makeup, etc.) and psychologically (relaxation techniques, previous rest, etc.)

• 2-3 hours of my time and talent to capture each of the desired images. Although time is never programmed, I will not finish until we have captured everything planned. (Do not worry, there are always many beautiful photos not planned too)

• Advanced Photoshop retouch of the images for the editing and retouching of each one of the photographs captured individually.

Delivery of final images:

  - High quality images ready to print.

  - Small size images for digital use (to share on social networks or send by email).
Camera: FujiFilm XPro1 - Lenses: 14mm, 56mm, 35mm
Lighting kit: LED lighting
Photographer specialty:
Red Carpet